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Food Services

Lunch Menu Website

Titan website

You can deposit money directly to your child's lunch account by going to the following website.  You can also set up reminders when your child's account is low.  You will need your child's lunch account number.  Your child should know this or you can check on the Aeries Parent Portal under Perm ID# or you can call the school office.

Nut Free Zone

We have many classrooms that are NUT-FREE due to the fact that students in these classrooms have moderate to severe allergies. Since our students share space - at the lunch tables, on the playground, in the lab, etc. - we ask that you seriously consider limiting the use of peanuts and other nut products at Hawes.  We continue to offer nut-free tables, but ask that you understand and realize that we have more classrooms that are restricted from having any peanuts/nut oil products in the classrooms.  For the safety and well-being of ALL of our students, we thank you!