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Easy-to-remember web address for Hawes PTA!

The easy-to-remember web address for this page is

PTA luncheon

Executive Board 2018-2019

Jen Evans

Executive Vice President
Lainie Rowell

VP Ways & Means
Melissa Thomson 

Co-VP Ways & Means
Julie Ryder

VP Programs
Megan Hauge

VP Membership
Amy Noble

VP Volunteer Services
Nancy Betka

VP Communication
Trisha Fleming

Recording Secretary
Hayley Henning

Riley McIntosh

Nicole Busse

Financial Secretary
Nicole Simone

Tanya Ferrell

Heather Lloyd

PTA Resources

Hawes PTA

Every child. One voice.

Joining the Hawes PTA is a great way to volunteer and help our students succeed. The Hawes PTA works hard with our teachers to create a rich learning environment. We welcome and encourage your participation. Contact the Hawes PTA and join today!

Online Membership Sign-Up - Click here to join!

Also, check the Hawes school calendar below for upcoming meetings and events. 

School-Wide Calendar

Subscribe to the Hawes Calendar by clicking on the "+GoogleCalendar" above or click here for the iCal link.

Check out this video to see how easy it is to subscribe!

Thank you to our Hawesome Hawk donors!

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