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Jennifer DeStefano Locker
9/2/19 9:43 AM
9/7/19 9:33 AM

Upcoming Events:

6/3: 5th - Sowers tour (walking field trip), 4th - CA Musical (dress rehearsal), 4th - spring sing practice, 4th -district writing prompt

6/4: 3rd grade HB sing, 4th/5th - district writing prompt

6/5: 4th - CA Musical (dress rehearsal)

6/6: Market Day #2, Art Explorers art lesson, 4th/5th - writing prompt, early day dismissal (1:35)

6/7: Marvelous Mentors, 4th - spring sing rehearsal, 5th - rockets introduction

Welcome to Room 29!

Tentative Homework


Math: Bad Superhero Math Mystery due Fri.

Jiji: 99% by Monday

Reading: RIP (20 min), last day for AR testing is Friday!

4th - spelling test on Friday

5th - roots 9.3 on Friday

Social Studies: 5th - chapter 8, lesson 1 questions due Thursday (google classroom)

Science: 5th - start collecting rocket supplies

Tuesday - 

Jiji: 99% by Monday

Reading: RIP (20 min)

Wednesday -

Jiji: 99% by Monday

Reading: RIP (20 min)

Market Day #2 tomorrow!

Thursday -

Jiji: 99% by Monday

Reading: RIP (20 min)

Don't forget to study for our very last roots/spelling test!


Have a great weekend! Keep working on Jiji (99%)! 

Weekly Update:

3 WEEKS TO GO and things are getting busy at Hawes Elementary!! In addition to the many activities listed under "Upcoming Events." we will also be finishing up our superhero stories and starting construction on our superhero's secret lair. I can't wait to see the final products. I just know the students are going to put a creative spin on both assignments. Don't forget to return 3rd trimester progress reports. Take a moment to look it over, sign the bottom, and send it back to school. If you have any questions about progress reports or our crazy schedule, please let me know. Thanks so much for your support! 

Mrs. D