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Jennifer DeStefano Locker

Tentative Homework


Reading: RIP (20 min)

Tuesday - 

Reading: RIP (20 min)

Wednesday -

Reading: RIP (20 min)

Thursday -

Reading: RIP (20 min)


Have a great summer! Keep reading!

Welcome to Room 29!

Upcoming Events:

6/17: 5th - promotion practice, 4th - spelling bee, 5th grade vs. Staff kickball game

6/18: 5th - promotion practice, 4th - PE with Mr. Levenson, Sports Day

6/19: 4th - Gold Rush Day, 5th - Rocket Launch, indoor game day

6/13: Indoor game day, 5th - promotion ceremony, early day dismissal (1:35)

6/14: 5th - FV Skate Center, 4th - Movie Party, 5th grade clap out, early day dismissal (1:35), Mrs. De heads to Edison for Sowers 8th grade promotion (2:30)

Weekly Update:

Well...we made it! Final thoughts on the, combo, best class ever, go with the flow, switching classes, laughing, best class ever, rain, more construction, testing, more laughing, more testing, did I say BEST CLASS EVER!! I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for sticking with me this year. Teaching a combo is a daunting task... 2 grade levels, 2 sets or lessons, 2 expectations. My hope is that every student felt like they had a safe place to learn and grow. Although it was sometimes chaotic with students coming and going, there were times when I felt like I was hanging out with my best friends, working hard to finish an assignment or solve a problem, but having fun at the same time. What an amazing group of kids! I am so grateful to have been a part of their life, even for a short time. Thanks again!

Mrs. D