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Christine Zeutzius Locker
10/7/14 7:12 AM
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Christine Zeutzius

Mrs. Zeutzius' favorites!

Mrs. Zeutzius' favorites                             

Favorite drink:  Dark roast coffee, Starbucks nonfat skinny vanilla latte w/ two pumps, ICE water drinks, San Pellegrino 

Favorite snack:  Protein bars, That's It fruit bars, roasted/unsalted cashews and almonds, See's coconut or bordeaux 

Favorite stores:  Anthropologie, JCrew, Nordstrom, Sephora, Target

Favorite activities:  reading, watching sports, working out, cooking, travel

Favorite subjects:  reading, writing, performing arts

Favorite school supplies for the classroom:  wood clothespins, small jewels for clips from Michaels craft store, glue sticks, black Papermate Flair pens, #2 sharpened pencils, colored copy paper

Favorite colors: red & blue

Favorite restaurants: Stonefire, Irassae Sushi, Jersey Mike's, Cheesecake Factory, Original Pancake House, Duke's

Favorite spots to frequent: Amazon, Staples, Happy Nails on Adams, Trader Joe's

2018-2019 2nd Grade Team!
2018-2019 2nd Grade Team!
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A Class Act! 2018-2019
A Class Act! 2018-2019