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All About Mrs. Zeutzius

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I am excited for another wonderful year as a teacher at Hawes School!  I have so many blessings and my job at Hawes is just one of the many that enrich my life. 


As a child, I would often use my younger brother as a participant in my "classroom", developing my teaching skills at an early age.  I majored in Speech Communication at San Diego State University, working on my "Toastmaster" skills on SDSU's Debate Team.  After graduating, I attended Claremont Graduate University to work on my Masters in Reading Instruction.   Soon after, I was hired in Huntington Beach City School District, as the 2nd grade GATE teacher at Hawes.  


I love to laugh, have fun in class, and incorporate music in all curricular areas, especially in classroom musicals.  I was also happy to be a part of the first ever, school wide musical at Hawes several years ago, "The Wizard of Hawes", in addition to working on another class musical last year.  I have been the Student Council advisor for 3rd-5th graders for 8 years and will continue to do so this year.  Teaching the GATE curriculum is another passion and I have served as the district leader, training other teachers about GATE philosophies and teaching.  For the past 4 years, I was also the primary math coach for Hawes, which has helped expand my knowledge in mathematical teaching practices for my second grade students, as well.  This past year, I piloted our new science curriculum through Discovery Education, working collaboratively with other teachers throughout our school district.


My blessings continue outside of the classroom, too!  I have been married to my cute husband, Eric, for 23 wonderful years.  Mr. Zeutzius spends his days working in the LA Harbor, but has been known to use his engineering skills in many a classroom at Hawes and at our home, creating play structures and swings for all to enjoy.  Our twin boys, Cole and Conor, are Edison High School juniors this year (I TRULY can't believe that!) and they loved being Hawes Hawks for six years, too!  Blake, my 13 year old, is truly the life of any party and is a Sowers Middle School eighth grader.  As you can see, we were a part of the Hawes student/family population for nine years and we ALL know how special of a place Hawes truly is!


Between yoga classes, biking, long river trail walks, cooking, reading books for my Book Club, dinners with friends and family, and attending all of the baseball, soccer, track, and tennis matches and games for the three boys, my life is really full.  I'm so thankful for the teachers that have become like family to me over the years and to all of the wonderful families and children I've met at Hawes, some becoming dear friends. 


I look forward to an AMAZING 2020-2021 school year! 



Mrs. Zeutzius in 2nd grade!
Mrs. Zeutzius in 2nd grade!