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Staff Directory

Contact Julie Jennings  Julie Jennings Principal
Support Staff
Contact Hawes Attendance  Hawes Attendance Staff
Contact Michelle Boyd  Michelle Boyd Staff
Contact Amy Brent  Amy Brent Office Manager
Contact Bob Maile  Bob Maile Head Custodian
Contact Jennifer Mulvania  Jennifer Mulvania Staff
Contact Mrs. Cook & Mrs. Garton  Mrs. Cook & Mrs. Garton 1st Grade: Room 41
Contact Sara Adams  Sara Adams 2nd Grade: Room 16
Contact Michelle Africano  Michelle Africano 5th Grade: Room 31
Contact Amy Arsenault  Amy Arsenault 1st Grade: Room 43
Contact Kelley Borns/Wisman  Kelley Borns/Wisman 3rd Grade: Room 20
Contact Tonya Borns  Tonya Borns 4th Grade (GATE): Room 24
Contact Cheri Carpenter  Cheri Carpenter Adapted P.E.: Room 35
Contact Caryn Chalabian  Caryn Chalabian (714) 963-8302 ex: 2802 Kindergarten: Room 2
Contact Lisa Cirac  Lisa Cirac 3rd Grade: Room 18
Contact Jennifer DeStefano  Jennifer DeStefano 4th & 5th Grade Combo: Room 29
Contact Lisa Gold  Lisa Gold Kindergarten - 2nd SDC: Room 48
Contact Sarah Hovenden  Sarah Hovenden 2nd - 5th Grade SDC: Room 49
Contact Coleen Largey  Coleen Largey Kindergarten: Room 45
Contact Gigi Leiby  Gigi Leiby K-5 Speech and Language: Room 44
Contact Heather Montegani  Heather Montegani Resource Program: Room 14
Contact Katie Munson  Katie Munson 3rd Grade: Room 17
Contact Susan Oakes  Susan Oakes 1st Grade: Room 42
Contact Rachel One  Rachel One Music: Room 37
Contact Kimberly Ortloff  Kimberly Ortloff 5th Grade: Room 30
Contact Gail Rocha  Gail Rocha 3rd Grade: Room 19
Contact Suzanne Steele  Suzanne Steele Kindergarten: Room 47
Contact Michelle Tucker  Michelle Tucker 4th Grade: Room 21
Contact Amy Volk  Amy Volk 4th Grade (GATE): Room 22
Contact Kendra Wells  Kendra Wells 2nd Grade: Room 13
Contact Christine Wilfert  Christine Wilfert (714) 963-8302 ex: 2803 1st Grade: Room 40
Contact Danielle Zankich  Danielle Zankich 5th Grade: Room 28
Contact Christine Zeutzius  Christine Zeutzius (714) 963-8302 ex: 2815 2nd Grade (GATE): Room 15